Have you been thinking lately if you’ll change your traditional gutter to a seamless gutter? Well, the idea may not come into your mind if you’re satisfied with your traditional gutter. And maybe, you’re almost convinced that a seamless gutter is a better option but the cost hinders you to call a gutter service company.

If you’re in this situation, you’ve come to right place. This article will help you understand the difference between a traditional gutter and a seamless gutter.

Purpose of Rain Gutters

The main function of a rain gutter is to protect your home from water damage. If the gutter is perfectly installed, the part of your house such as windows, doors, sidings, and fascia to be protected from water. It avoids leaks that can attract insects and other crawling species.

In most cases, the seamless gutter wins in this criteria. Because of its seamless structure, there’s a lesser chance that the water leaks. Although seams are still present, it only appears where a downspout is installed and when a gutter turns a corner. Through this structure, the gutter helps in driving the water away from your home.

Expansion Joints

Gutters that extend more than 40 feet require expansion joints. These joints are necessary to minimize the stress on mitered joints. However, it’s often available with traditional gutters. So, if your gutter measures more than 40 feet, it’s a better option to use the traditional type.


If you’re not the type of person who will spend time in checking your gutter regularly, it’s better to use the seamless type. A traditional gutter often is filled with debris such as leaves and twigs. The debris can lead to a compost pile, which can damage the gutter.

On the other hand, a seamless gutter does not require you to check it regularly. Because it’s low maintenance, it cuts down the cost of repairing it.


When it comes to installation, traditional gutters are popular for DIY work. However, seamless gutters require a professional installer. When you hire one, you’ll expect your package to include labor, delivery, materials, and warranty.
Your professional installer will ask you questions about your home and the common problem you encounter. It helps them to create a concrete plan so the installation process becomes efficient.

Through the planning stage, you’ll have the chance to ask several questions and choose the materials that fit your budget. So, even if you choose a seamless gutter to be installed, you’ll likely to get an affordable installation.

You can choose from different types of materials, which can be a factor to lessen your expenses. The most popular material is the aluminum type. It’s cheaper than the other materials such as copper, vinyl, and steel. It’s also durable that can withstand different climates. Even in a snowy weather, you’re guaranteed of the durability of the aluminum type.


When choosing a gutter, it’s not enough that you consider your budget. It’s also important the convenience you’ll get after the installation.

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